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Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill is an outdoor museum presenting the story of Australia’s fabulous goldrush history. Its particular focus is the impact of the great 19th century gold discoveries on the growth of Ballarat, which was a small pastoral settlement when gold was discovered in 1851.

Eureka Centre

The Eureka Centre aims to reinforce the education, historical and civic significance of the stockade site whilst reflecting the new and changing needs of the community.

Art Gallery of Ballarat

This collection was established in 1884 and is the oldest and largest gallery in regional Australia. It houses major collections covering the history of Australian art from the early colonial period to the present day.

Ballarat Wildlife Park

This award winning Park is owned and operated by Greg Parker and his family. Founded in 1985 through a passion for conservation of wildlife and the environment, the Parker family have long realised the value of allowing people and animals to come together in a relaxing, friendly and educational environment.

Goldfields Track

The Goldfields Track is a journey through time. Shared by bushwalkers and mountain bikers, the Goldfields Track cuts a 210km path through the heart of Victoria’s historic Goldfields. Enjoy the history, cultural and culinary spoils and ever changing landscape along the way. From Ballarat to Bendigo, the track comprises three smaller interconnecting tracks, each having its own charm and features. The Goldfields Track is well serviced by public transport.

Things To Do

History Lives in Ballarat. Visit Ballarat, where local attractions and hidden gems deliver an array of unexpected delights. Explore the great outdoors on our extensive cycle paths, mountain biking and city walking trails. Discover gold at Sovereign Hill, or learn about native flora in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens or experience hand feeding a Kangaroo at the Ballarat Wildlife and Reptile Park.